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A post from The Redwood Empire blog


The mouth of the Chetco River at Brookings Harbor, where you can put in for kayaking or canoeing. I don't suggest going toward the mouth, unless it is a particularly flat day, you are aware of tides, you are a great swimmer, and you have a really warm wet suit. Otherwise, you might need the U.S. Coast Guard. (Photo by "Cacophony," Wikipedia, cc-sa 3.0.)

If you like kayaking, and if you are in Southern Oregon, I suggest putting in at Brookings Harbor (no charge, easy access).

I would turn UP the Chetco River, however, and not toward its mouth. Unless you are a very seasoned kayaker, a great swimmer and have an amazingly warm wetsuit, going toward the Chetco's mouth could involve a rescue by the U.S. Coast Guard, unless the ocean is flat on the day you kayak.

Going up the Chetco will reveal a world unto itself, with osprey and many other birds.

You might even catch sight of a few deer.

Since I do not use a wet suit when I kayak, going up the smooth and gently flowing Chetco was a day in paradise for me and Kathleen.

We stayed at the Crescent Beach Motel, which is the only Crescent City-area motel with direct access to a beach. You step our of your room, any room at the motel, and you walk a few steps over grass, and there you are on an unspoiled and spectacular beach that is great for sunsets.

My beautiful wife Kathleen and I visited the mouth of the Chetco on foot, and it was convulsive as it often is.

Always check tides, river conditions, and always wear a PFD that fits you well. Never kayak alone.

If you would like to stay at the motel, here is the link: Crescent Beach Motel. I do not have any commercial and/or personal ties to this motel. It's just one of our favorites, and it was one of my Mom and Dad's favorites as well.

As for Brookings Harbor, which is more a part of Harbor, Ore., than sister-city Brookings, there are plenty of great places to eat and shop. There are also several nearby motels. I recommend the Harbor Inn Motel, which gives you nearly direct access to the beach that is within very short walking distance.

Don't let my personal favorites and recommendations influence you too much. Get on the Internet and explore. There are many fine places to stay from Crescent City all the way up the Southern Oregon Coast. Explore and find your own favorites!

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