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Otter Rock 'n' Roll Youth Surfing Contest and Beach Clean-up
Oregon Coast Notes - Surf Report

RockRoll2Surfers and surf watchers energize Devil's Punchbowl State Park any time of the year, but on International Surf Day the area rocks with surfers of all ages for Otter Rock 'n' Roll Youth Surf Contest and beach cleanup challenge.

The Otter Rock 'n' Roll is an 18 and under surfing competition and beach clean-up is held in celebration of International Surf Day.  Beginners welcome.  The event is a fundraiser event for the Newport, Siuslaw and Portland Chapters of Surfrider Foundation and helps spread awareness along the Oregon Coast.


All participants will receive great prizes from our local and global sponsors. Additional games and activities including the special Beach Cleanup Challenge where kids can compete for different prizes through stewardship activities are taking place throughout the day.

"This event is all about the kids," says Newport Chapter Chair Joe Haxel. "It's an opportunity for the Oregon Chapters to provide a surf contest experience that focuses entirely on children and families, promotes beach stewardship, and encourages kids to make a personal connection with their coastline through riding waves, picking up trash, and caring about the water quality and overall health of the beach environment."

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If you've been there, you know that Devil's Punchbowl is a special place. During winter storms, water from the restless ocean slams with a thundering roar into a hollow rock formation shaped like a huge punch bowl. The surf churns, foams, and swirls as it mixes a violent brew. The punch bowl was probably created by the collapse of the RockRoll3roof over two sea caves and then shaped by wave action.

The park is a popular whale watching site and displays an intriguing geology. This is a scenic picnic spot atop the undulating rocky shoreline. Don't forget to explore the tidepools.

Watch a video from Last Year's Event...... No really... Take the time. You will be glad you did.



Devil's Punch Bowl State Park


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