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The Oregon Coast's own Pistol River Wave Bash June 16-19, 2011
Oregon Coast Notes - Surf Report

The Bash is Back - and it's coming to the Pistol River State Park.

BigAirSouthOregonCoastAfter a nearly 10-year hiatus, the Pistol River Wave Bash is making a comeback.

The third week in June provides an excellent window for catching classic wavesailing conditions on the south coast of Oregon. The sailing season is in full swing. The swells of spring are still hitting and the tides are auspicious.

Look for the 2011 Pistol River Wave Bash to draw talent from Maui, all up and down the west coast as well as the east coast and hopefully even further. This double elimination windsurfing contest will be run during the two best days of wind and waves.

The opening and closing ceremonies, as well as complimentary camping for the entrants will be at the Gold Beach Fairgrounds. Keep in mind there is a limit of one hundred entries for the windsurfing contest.

Open Invitation for all levels from intermediate to masters.


Information for Competitors:

There will be a skippers meeting held by Head Judge, Matt Pritchard, at the start of each day going through the system:

This is a wave contest, so you need to be able to do both wave riding and jumping. You will be judged on three factors; wave riding, jumping and overall impression. Weight of each will be determined day of, depending on conditions.


For More Info http://wavebash.weebly.com/


Windsurfing Photos by "Big Air" Mike Blair

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