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Oregon Open Ocean Classic Stand Up Paddleboard Race August 27-28, 2011
Oregon Coast Notes - Surf Report

StandUpLogoThe Oregon Open Ocean Classic is an 7.5 mile, North to South Stand Up Paddleboard race along the Oregon coast from Beverly Beach State Park to Nye Beach, Newport.

Be sure to mark this one on your calendar for the weekend of August 27-28th, it will be a blast. This is a through surf /downwind race that provides paddlers with great ocean conditions along the beautiful Oregon shore.

The Le Mans beach start will have participants charging through the surf to reach the open ocean. Once outside, paddlers will head offshore ~1/2 mile and then South 6 miles riding the prevalent 10 -20 knot winds and swell around Yaquina Head. The finish will be through the surf at historic Nye Beach in Newport.

Registration forms are available online.


Each paddler will be able to create their own path within the basic race course guidelines. Strategy will come into play when deciding how far offshore the racer wants to travel before heading dead down wind.


For More information, including more overhead photos of the course, go to OregonOpenOcean.com