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Oregon Coast Surfing: Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic in ON for Tue Nov 2nd. Biggest Waves Ever are Expected
Oregon Coast Notes - Surf Report



Swell forecast at 20'+ @ 16-18 Seconds

Nelscott organizers have given the green light for the 2010 Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic. The event will run on Tuesday, November 2nd under what looks to be the biggest conditions for a Nelscott Event ever.

Conditions forecast for Tuesday are for light and variable winds, and very large surf. If the system continues to develop as expected, swell should be 21'+ at 16-18 seconds. That is quite a bit larger than previous years. The largest swell that the event has run in was 17' @ 17 seconds, which produced waves in the range of 30-40'+.

"This swell caught my eye the second it started showing up on the charts. The wind and a competing South swell were my only concerns, and now it looks as though neither will be an issue", said John Forse, event founder.

Forse has proven his knack for calling the contests at Nelscott Reef. On top of the fact the Nelscott Reef event is the only big wave event to have been held every year since its inception, it has been called on what turned out to be the best days of each year.

Conditions this size will be a true test for the organizers and competitors, as the 2010 contest will be the first year the event is paddle in only.

The change to paddle in coupled with the event being a part of the Big Wave World Tour has ensured that some of the top names in the industry will be present on Tuesday. To top it off, Nelscott looks to be the first big wave contest to feature women. Tuesday is set for an amazing day of surfing in huge Oregon surf.

For the latest information on the event visit  www.bigwaveworldtour.com