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Nellscott Reef Tow In Classic format change
Oregon Coast Notes - Surf Report
In addition to the tow in contest, a paddle in contest will be added to the mix. Behemoth will also crown the world’s first “Kingfish” Title to the individual scoring highest in both tow in and paddle in events. During the 2008 contest, organizers introduced a paddle in heat to what was a tow in only contest. The winner of the heat, Keallii Mamala, took home $1000.00 and earned an entry into the 2009 Tow in Classic for him and his partner, Garrett McNamara. The paddle in heat proved to be extremely popular with the contestants and the fans, so organizers have decided to expand on this. A single one-hour paddle heat will be added for the top eight preliminary scoring tow in contestants. The scores from both disciplines will be added up to determine the ‘2009 Kingfish’.

The Nelscott Reef Tow In Classic is the first contest to combine both types of big wave disciplines into one contest. Never before has an event accommodated both paddle in and tow in on a single day in the same location.

Nelscott Reef 2009 Format Change
“Its part of what makes Nelscott Reef such a unique wave”, said John Forse, event organizer. “There just is not that many places on the planet that can accommodate paddle in and tow in at the same time. We are excited about the opportunity to push the competitors and the capabilities of the reef”.

2009 will also see the creation of an industry first, the Kingfish Title. This MVP of big wave surfing award will be given to the individual with the highest combined scores from both tow in and paddle in events.

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