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Haystack Gallery - Steve Hanks Exhibit
Oregon Coast Notes - Past Gallery Showings

Steve HanksHaystack Gallery, celebrating its 32nd anniversary in Cannon Beach, is honored to have two new watercolor originals by Steve Hanks for his upcoming show and exhibition.

Hank's special appearance will be Saturday, Sept. 19th beginning at 11am with his scheduled slide show and talk at the Coaster Theatre in Cannon Beach .

This year, admission to the Theatre will be a minimum donation of $5 per person; all proceeds go to the Cannon Beach Food Pantry. From 12:30 – 4pm , Steve will be at Haystack Gallery where he will discuss his two new original watercolors done of Cannon Beach, meet the public and sign new purchases. Read

“Steve and I can't remember how many shows he's done with us, but it's around eight or so. I'd love to say it's us that brings him back,” laughs owner Patty Coomes, “however there's a natural lure and connection to the ocean Steve developed growing up in a Naval family. Steve appreciates the caliber of our customers, the laid back feeling and of course the beauty of Cannon Beach . Often a model or one of his daughter's accompany Steve when he comes here, and as a result many ocean images are from Cannon Beach and the surrounding area. ‘At Water's Edge' has Haystack Rock in the background with a woman walking along the incoming tide and ‘Lady in Wading' depicts a wonderful reflection of a woman standing in the calmer ocean water.”

Steve Hanks is first and foremost a figure painter. His watercolor paintings are infused with emotion and a kind of poetry formed by light and shadow in his compositions. He often paints what he refers to as "moments of introspective solitude," with deep respect for the privacy of the individual lost in reflection. Each painting holds a mystery that is also a personal story about the artist as he expresses his own emotion unfolding through art.

Just as writers are urged to "write what you know," Steve Hanks paints what he lives. When his children were born his work was filled the profound intimacy between infants and parents, the unexpected joy of toddlers, and the wonder of youngsters finding their way in the outside world.

Steve Hanks is the premiere artist working in the technically-demanding field of realistic watercolor figure painting today. His astonishing realism comes from a skillful control of washes, edges and layers, and his knowledge of the properties of water and pigment. "Now I understand how to gain control by letting go," says the artist. "I just want to be part of the ride."

About Haystack Gallery
A Fine Art Gallery established in 1977, Haystack Gallery displays the artwork of over 75 Northwest, national and internationally recognized artists, covering a wide range of styles including original oils, pastels, acrylics and watercolors, bronze and steel sculptures, hand-made jewelry, limited and open edition giclées and lithographs. We feature artists such as: Steve Hanks, Pino, John Ebner, Frogman, Rie Munoz, Sean Conrad, Mark Hopkins, Sally O'Neill, Don Bishop and Michael Tieman.

503-436-2547 ~ www.haystackgallery.com