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A Rie Munoz Original Watercolor and Rare Print Exhibition
Oregon Coast Notes - Past Gallery Showings
Rie MunozHaystack Gallery, celebrating its 32nd anniversary in Cannon Beach , is pleased to have Alaskan artist Rie Munoz exhibition of nine original watercolors and almost forty rare prints. This exhibition is for a limited time only.

After being introduced to watercolors, Rie set aside the traditional oil medium. She found a freedom in the watercolors allowing her to experiment and a whole new dimension of her art work developed.

The simplicity of life in the small Alaskan fishing villages is a prominent theme in the free and sometimes humorous style of this Alaskan artist. Her focus on Eskimo heritage, playful children, fishing and community life have made this outstanding artist popular with a wide variety of people around the world.

Rie, a Juneau resident, is originally from Holland . However, in 1950, during an ocean cruise to Alaska she left the ship during one of the stops and never re-boarded. She is now strongly rooted to her northern home which inspires her art.

Check out our web site for a complete viewing of the Rie Munoz Exhibition.    www.haystackgallery.com

About Haystack Gallery
A Fine Art Gallery established in 1977, Haystack Gallery displays the artwork of over 75 Northwest, national and internationally recognized artists, covering a wide range of styles including original oils, pastels, acrylics and watercolors, bronze and steel sculptures, hand-made jewelry, limited and open edition giclées and lithographs. We feature artists such as: Steve Hanks, Pino, John Ebner, Frogman, Rie Munoz, Sean Conrad, Mark Hopkins, Sally O'Neill, Don Bishop and Michael Tieman.