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Agate Hunting on the Oregon Coast
Oregon Coast Notes - News

There are many good spots along Oregon beaches to find jasper, petrified wood, and fossils..


Agates are more likely to be found from December to March, especially after storms.

Agates come from erosion of cliffs along beaches and rivers where they wash out to the ocean and get polished in the surf over time. In the summer, agates on sandy beaches are deep beneath the sand.

Winter storms remove sand and expose the agates underneath.

Areas marked in blue on the map are good rockhounding beaches. Beige on the map indicates sand beaches.


AgatemapCannon Beach to Cape Falcon: Access this area by way of Arcadia Beach, Tolovana Beach, Hug Point, Cove Beach, and Short Sand Beach.

Tillamook Bay: Along Bay Ocean Road you can find marine fossils, agate, and jasper.

Netarts and Oceanside: The beach between Netarts and Oceanside has gravel deposits where you can find agate, jasper, sagenite, zeolite, and "Oregon jade" (garnet).

Lincoln City: Here you can find agate, jasper, "Oregon jade," and fossilized coral.

Otter Rock to Newport - Beverly Beach, Moolack Beach: Agate, jasper, petrified wood, and fossilized clam and mollusk shells can be found here. Agate beach is no longer a good place to find agates, they are under many feet of sand.

Beverly Beach is the place to go if fossils are what you dig. During the winter, rocks wash up onto the beach that are loaded with fossil clams and snail shells. Even if the beach is bare, check the creeks along the beach - you can find fossil clam shells the size of your hand embedded in the rocks! (see photo below)

Newport north jetty: Interesting agates can be found here under the bridge.

Waldport Bay: Along the north side of Waldport Bay small but nice agates can be found.

Yachats to Florence These are some of the best rockhunting beaches in the state because there are 4 creeks that empty here - Cummins, Tenmile, Big, and China Creeks. There are several parks that access the beach in this area: Agate Point, Neptune Beach, Stonefield Beach, Roosevelt Beach, and Washburne Beach. Here you can find colorful agates, agates with inclusions, petrified wood, chalcedony, bloodstone, and jasper.

Cape Arago, especially north and south facing inlets trap agates. You can find multicolored flower jasper, banded agate and petrified wood here.

Coos Bay beaches are known for excellent specimens of petrified wood.

Seven Devils Wayside has agatized myrtle wood, banded agate, and flower jasper.

Cape Blanco from Sixes River to Port Orford This area has the largest agates I have ever seen and in enormous quantites.



Areas marked in blue on the map are good rockhounding beaches. Beige on the map indicates sand beaches.