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Become an "Olympian Level" Oregon Coast Storm Watcher
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Posted on KGW by jbgary


We, the Olympians of frozen feet, hands and cheekbones, test our strength at enduring the chill of artic like winds that burrows deep into our skin through layers of all-season outerwear.

Why do we put ourselves through this? For the acclaim? Never!

It is for the joy before us, the indescribable views on the horizon as swells in excess of 25 feet thunder within yards of our persons leaving us enraptured (and sometimes captured).

Like most other sports, wave watching brings with it the pain of de-feet but the joy of de-sight far surpasses any pain in our bodies.

True coasties, we are, and proud of the sport of wave watching, and foam jumping, and seagull poop dodging.

Come try it, if you dare, you'll see!

BE SAFE! Follow Beach Safety Guidelines