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Minus Tide is Agate Hunting time on the Oregon Coast
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SaturdayTrophiesAgatesWe are now enjoying the rewards of the minus tides of spring here at the coast. Here is a photo of just a few of the treasures David of Salem found here in the Newport area beach combing with his family.

Editors Note: Upper left photo- possibly a blue agate, upper right possibly a lavender agate but all are beautiful pieces.


JohnOfStaytonAgatesJohn, one of our agate collectors from Stayton, comes out a couple of times a year for beach combing here at coast and as you can see he had a great visit. These are just a few of his recent trophies he found this week here at Newport.

Editors Notes: Image lower right appears to possibly be a "Clam Belly Agate" (agatized fossil) the one above it is an extra fancy carnelian with a beautiful lacy coating. Sorry about the glare of the light, we wanted to share with you the beautiful red-orange hue.


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