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Oregon Seafood Consumers' Guide - What to buy When
Oregon Coast Notes - News


What you can buy fresh from seafood markets and dockside vendors when you visit the Oregon Coast. 

Chinook & Coho Salmon

Chinook and Coho Salmon

Northern Oregon Coast:
May 1- September 14th
Central Oregon Coast:
May 1-July 6, July 19-23, July 16-20, July 23-27, Aug 1-25
Southern Oregon Coast:
May 1-31, July 1- August 31

Check out our Salmon Recipe

Albacore Tuna



June - October


Pink Shrimp



April 1 - October 31

Oregon Pink Shrimp Article & Recipe


Flounder, Sole, Rockfish & Lingcod



Most Any Time



Pacific Halibut

Halibut2Harvest dates:
June 30th
July 14th, 28th
August 11th, 25th
September 8th, 22nd

Dungeness Crab

Dungeness Crab

December 1,2009 - August 14,2010
December 1,2010 - August 14,2011

Crab Recipes


Sea Grant's marine fisheries educator Kaety Hildenbrand put together this handy, one-page consumer guide listing the 2010 commercial fishing seasons for salmon, Albacore tuna, Dungeness crab and other popular Pacific seafood species.  Link to PDF

For More information contact the Lincoln County Extension Office at 541-574-6534