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Killer Whales were spotted again along the central Oregon Coast
Oregon Coast Notes - News

By Dave Masko for the Eugene Examiner


... recent sighting of a pod of killer whales swimming in and around Florence and Newport along the central Oregon coast and just an hour's drive from Eugene, has started a new whale watching craze here.

"There's Keiko, there's our 'Free Willy,'" said nine-year-old Jason Macy when he and his parents spotted a pod of seven to nine killer whales around the south jetty in Florence last month. Jason's father Sam said his son is a big fan of all the Free Willy movies and watches them endlessly on DVD.

"For Jason, Keiko will never die because he looks just like any other killer whale. And, to be able to drive from our home in Eugene and watch killer whales swimming out here in the Pacific is just as good as knowing Free Willy is still with us," explained Sam Macy during a recent visit to the coast.

At the same time, there's more to this story than just a longing in the hearts and minds of Keiko fans for their favorite whale to return to Oregon. "Gray whales are great and people enjoy them, but spot a pod of killers and they just go nuts," said Sharon Aitken, who volunteers at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

... there's been new killer whale sightings in both the Florence and Newport area as of Aug. 2. On any given day, you will see groups of visitors and locals alike standing along the Pacific Coast Highway looking for killer whales.

... the government has put up signs recently asking visitors and locals from the central Oregon coast area to phone in and report killer whale and, yes, even Keiko sightings...

[Photo taken by OurOregonCoast in Yaquina Bay]

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