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Art for "Habitat for Humanity" in Mt Angel and on the Oregon Coast
Oregon Coast Notes - News

Sunflowers_and_Sea_oil_on_canvas_40x50_inches_Mimi_FoxA special exhibition: "The Sun Always Rises" is an exhibit of new paintings by artist Mimi Cernyar Fox and includes works from her Ocean series: works from the fishing boats at sea.

Mimi Fox married a fisherman and wanted to understand his life and his experience at sea. To do so she signed on as cook for a four month tour. The Artist Goes To Sea is Mimi's view of her experience brought to the public by way of painting. This collection of layered and dramatic paintings gives us a glimpse into life at sea on a working fishing vessel. Mimi uses color and texture to express her view of the sea and her experiences while at sea.

Her images are strongly rooted in expressionism and seek to promote tolerance and understanding. Through the use of bold colors and expressive representation, Fox establishes a high level of emotional contact with the viewer. She depicts a life that is hard and full of risks ... the journey that is life.

"The ocean is a contant presence, and when at sea I could not help being awed by the vast space and knowing how much we were at the mercy of nature. I hope that my paintings will convey a sense that we are a part of the universe not the whole of it, and maybe we can learn to love and respect more."


"The Sun Always Rises"Leaning_oil_and_gold_leaf_embelishment_on_canvas_40x50_inches

40 % of all sales are to be donated to the local habitat for humanity: St. Joseph shelter

Dates: September 1-11, 2010
Time: 9am to 5pm

Artist Reception and gallery talk:
September 11

Benedictine Sisters of Mt Angel, Agatha Hall
840 S. Main Street
Mt. Angel OR 97362-6141
Phone: 503-845-6141

Web site: www.benedictine-srs.org

Oregon Coast Show "For Whom the Flowers Grow"

mimi_foxDates: October 1 to November 30, 2010
Time: 9am to 5pm
visiting hours:

Artist Reception and gallery talk:
October 9th

Art space Fine Art & Great Food
Hwy 101 & 5th
Bay City, OR 97107
Phone: Tricia or Craig Kauffman : 503-377-2782


Mimi Cernyar Fox M. F. A.
Autobiographical Portrait

A mature artist: I was born in Minneola, New York; as a child my family moved to Mt Angel OR, where I attended grade school from the 2nd to the 8th grade. In high school I was taught by the Sisters at the Queen of Angels Monastery. I later took a few art classes at the Mt. Angel College, also taught by many of the Sisters. From a very large family I grew up with my many siblings on our mini farm.
Later I was offered a scholarship to study the Arts at "The Museum Art School" a private art school in Portland OR, which is now the Pacific NW College of Art. I taught classes at the Museum school and also for extension program for Chemeketa Community College on the Benedictine Sisters Campus and at Mount Angel Abbey. I had students from all over town, and Silverton as well as some Seminarians and Benedictine Sisters.

I have been known to brag that I am a product of the Benedictine Sisters, because they
have always been my mentor and best friend.
I went on to study and obtain my Master of Fine Arts degree at Washington State University.
The paintings have touches of influences from artists such as Cezanne and Bonnard, artists that I became familiar with on my trips to Paris France, and also the German Expressionists. I have exhibited my work at the Gallerie Etienne De Causans, Paris, France, as well as galleries in Seattle, New York, Cannon Beach and Portland.