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18 Reasons to Love the Oregon Coast
Oregon Coast Notes - News

oc2The Oregon Coast is one of the most beautiful and magical places in the world.

There are basalt rock cliffs, long sandy beaches and awesome tidepools. You will see colonies of Sea Lions, flocks of birds, pods of  whales, herds of elk, eagles... In other words - an abundance of wildlife and spectacular vistas to delight and awe you.

Check out 18 of our favorite reasons to love the Oregon Coast:

  1. Beautiful and Accessible State Parks
  2. Spectacular Surfing
  3. Some of the best fishing
  4. Hiking Trails that take you beyond the beach.
  5. An Oregon Coast Trail that will take you the entire length of the Oregon Coast
  6. Dog Friendly Beaches
  7. oc1Some of the Best Clamming and Crabbing opportunities
  8. Camping on the Oregon Coast is a 'must do'
  9. Delightfully Delicious Wild Mushrooms
  10. World famous year-round Whale Watching
  11. Bird Watching on the Oregon Coast is fabulous and fun
  12. The National Wildlife Refuges protect and display Oregon Coast flora & fauna
  13. There are tidepools of discovery all along the Oregon Coast
  14. On the way to the tidepools you may discover a beachcombing treasure
  15. The Oregon Coast has lovely Lighthouses
  16. Our World Famous Bridges are a beautiful combination of art and history
  17. For the ghoulishly inclined we have a plethora of Oregon Coast Ghosts
  18. The Oregon Coast is a Photographers dream

Stop by our Maps page to see where you can find many of our Oregon Coast Treasures and check out our Distance Guide, Weather and Calendar pages to help plan your Oregon Coast adventure.