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Oregon Coast Storm Watching: A lifelong love affair
Oregon Coast Notes - News

by dw reading for OurOregonCoast.com

Storm2The Oregon Coast is a beautiful and magical place any time of the year and summer sometimes lingers well into October but, once the lazy and tranquil days of summer are gone the beauty of an Oregon Coast winter weave a magical spell of its own.

When I was a child the beauty of an Oregon Coast winter had not been discovered by many. I was lucky to have parents that loved the Oregon Coast in all her moods and they gave that love to all of their children. Not by words that can be forgotten but by experiences that you never forget.

Storm1I grew up in Salem and we came to the coast many times during the summer months but our week long family vacation was in November. We would get out of school for the entire Thanksgiving week and take that familiar trip from Salem to the coast.

Storm watching had not yet become a popular Oregon Coast activity so there was always a beachfront location that gave us a front row seat for one of the most spectacular shows on earth.

And the tradition continued.... When my nieces were small my single parent brother would decide it was time for a dose of the coast. He would get his girls ready for school as usual but instead of taking them to school he would drive past the school and they would spend the day on the Oregon Coast.

Storm4When you come to the coast you can never be sure what you are going to get.

Sometimes Oregon Coast storm watching means rain that travels sideways and wind so strong you really can't go for a walk.

Sometimes it's crashing waves and rainbows.

Sometimes there are no storms.

I remember a Thanksgiving when it snowed on the beach and I remember a Thanksgiving of crashing waves and warm sun...

Winter wave action leaves behind treasures of agates and fossils and many more gifts from the sea to the Oregon Coast beachcomber but the most valuable treasure of all are the memories you will never leave behind no matter how far away from the Oregon Coast you travel.

When the storms are too much for beachcombing just curl up in a comfortable spot with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the show. When you do go out, be sure to follow beach safety when observing our beautiful storms from the shore and cliffs.

Whether they are childhood memories of visiting the Oregon Coast or memories made today living on the Oregon Coast, it never gets old and always leaves me in awe of this beautiful and magical place.