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Oregon Coast Range and Our School Budgets
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...Noting that the state lands that once supported schools were sold off cheaply some 100 years ago, Chuck Bennett of the Confederation of School Administrators said the group did not want the board to sell the forest.

"We do not know the value of that land now," he said. "It's all that's left of that heritage for Oregon school kids."

With school funding tight, state leaders would like to squeeze a little more money out of timberland in Oregon's Coast Range — the last, best remnant of a network of state lands that once paid for K-12 education.

One problem: federal agencies responsible for protecting threatened species such as coho salmon and marbled murrelets don't think timber harvests can be increased by a third under the current system of habitat protections without causing harm.

The State Land Board in Salem on Tuesday heard a number of options for Elliott State Forest, the only state forest devoted primarily to funding schools. The possibilities included staying with the status quo, adopting a different way of obeying the Endangered Species Act, and selling the forest and investing the money.

A decision is expected in February...

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