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Mr. and Mrs. Santa love vacationing on the Oregon Coast
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The man in red answers age old questions including how reindeer fly

Burns Times Herald PhotoHere at the Burns Times-Herald, we were lucky enough to score an interview with Santa Claus despite his busy schedule this time of year.

Santa, what is your favorite part of your job?

Seeing the children and parents smile and getting hugs.

Which one is your favorite reindeer?

And while we are on the subject of reindeer, how exactly do they fly?...

What is the most popular present request?

For the girls it is easy... The boys are all over the place...

What is the funniest present request you have received?

I just don’t get funny present requests. Children take Santa and presents very seriously. I would like to read you a list I got from a little girl in Harney County a few years ago, (I have changed the names).

Dear Santa Claws,
This is my list of my wishes.
1 Love
2. Nice friends.
3. Forrest to behave.
4. Madeline H. to be my friend, please
5. A room for me, please
6. Monopoly.
7. Tree house for me, please
8. Money for me and my family.
9. Have cable, please
10. The important thing is for me is for my family to be happy, kind, and get along.
Children can say so much with very few words.

Just how do you deliver all those presents in one night?

That is easy, it is magic.  There are a whole lot of things going on...

What is your favorite snack?

Cookies and Lactaid.  Oatmeal scotchies are my favorite.

December is undoubtedly your busiest time of year. Afterward do you take a vacation?

Do you go somewhere tropical? Mr. and Mrs. Santa love vacationing on the Oregon coast. You see, coming from the North Pole the Oregon coast is almost unbearably hot for us, and the water is warm as a hot tub. We stick to the secluded beaches because you just don’t want to see Santa in a bathing suit. We love beach combing and perusing all the tourist shops.

What are some of the hobbies you do in your off time?

Amateur radio is my favorite hobby. I can talk to my friends all over the world and at the North Pole we can put up any kind of antenna we wish. I also like to carve animals out of juniper wood from Harney County. But my all time favorite hobby is doing just exactly what Mrs. Santa tells me to.

In closing I would also like to say that I try never to forget that Christmas is someone’s birthday. That is a whole lot more important to us than Santa Claus.

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