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Migrating whales easy to spot off Oregon Coast during Winter Whale Watch Week
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About 18,000 gray whales and 1,100 humpbacks are in the middle of an annual migration to the Baja coast for breeding.

Whale Watch Video, Tips and FAQS:

Must See KGW Video

  • The winter migration has the highest numbers...30 per hour.
  • During Winter Whale Watch Week the whales are usually 1- 5 miles offshore..so bring binoculars. 
  • If you are in an area that has whale watch boats, watch the boats. When they stop there are whales around.
  • Higher locations are better than sandy beaches, although whales can be seen from any location.
  • Morning light is better than afternoon light which reflects the water.
  • Calm days are better.
  • Focus your binoculars, but watch with your eyes, When you see a blow, bring up your binoculars.
  • During Winter Whale Watch Week the whales are migrating south to Baja Mexico.
  • The blow or spout shoots nearly 12 feet high expelling 400 liters of air in a single blast.
  • If frightened they can stay under for 30 minutes.
  • Gray whales normally surface every 45 seconds as they swim, but will stay under for 3-5 min if feeding.

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