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The FunkyJahPunkys in Coos Bay
Coos Bay - North Bend - Charleston

If you are going to be on the South Coast this weekend and you like "Rebel Music" you need to be at The Green Spot in Coos Bay at 7pm on June 14th 2009 and listen to The FunkyJahPunkys.

The FunkyJahPunkys first formed mid 2006 in Tacoma WA with a goal of making music that would cross over genre lines and entertain all who appreciate a truly "LIVE" rock show. The FjP combine Punk Rock, Funk & Reggae into high energy, kick ass, groovy sets they refer to as..."REBEL MUSIC".

This uniquely diverse quartet has been described as "nothing less than pure raw energy".  All the members of the FjP bring forth a truly intense stage presence, led by theirlarger than life front man, Justin Gulley, aka GIANTj. With styles ranging from punk rock to funk to reggae, this bands live set always includes a couple of songs for every person in the crowd without having to resort to covers.