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Depoe Bay

Depoe BayDepoe Bay is the site of the world’s smallest navigable harbor. Waves run beneath lava beds creating spouting geysers up to 60 feet into the air. Sea caves line Depoe Bay's scenic rocky shoreline.

Depoe Bay is teaming with marine life and rich in natural resources. The stunning beauty of Depoe Bay’s rugged rocky coastline, snug harbor and easy access via Highway 101 make it one of the most popular destinations along the Central Oregon Coastline. A huge sea wall runs the length of the downtown area allowing visitors to shop or dine always within view of the ocean. We have the distinction of being the only town on the entire coast with this amenity. Our fairy tale fishing village is brimming with colorful stores, gift shops and galleries featuring maritime collectibles, fine art, apparel and the tastiest candies and salt water taffy available. Watch whales frolic and feed in our bay, explore tide pools and feel the power of the surf. At day’s end, follow the path of the setting sun as it sinks into the Pacific in a blaze of glory.

Visitors from everywhere come to whale watch in Depoe Bay. You can spot whales either from many shore observation spots or to take a charter out for a closer look. There is nothing quite so spectacular as seeing whales in their natural habitat. Whale watching trips aboard comfortable cruisers or speedy Zodiacs depart hourly for eye-popping, up-close tours of Depoe Bay’s exotic marine life.

The Depoe Bay Whale Center is home of the highly acclaimed “Whale Watching Spoken Here” program. The center is dedicated to sharing information about whales and helping visitors to understand and appreciate these amazing creatures.

For Depoe Bay events, festivals and happenings check out the Oregon Coast Calendar.

Fleet of Flowers in Depoe Bay
Depoe Bay


May 27 2013

On Memorial Day, each year since 1945, Depoe Bay has hosted the FLEET OF FLOWERS. This colorful ceremony is recognized as one of the most impressive observances held in the United States. The event was initiated to honor the memories of two fishermen, Roy Bower and John Chambers, who died at sea in an attempt to aid another fisherman.

Whale Watch Week
Depoe Bay

oregon whale watch week

March 23-30 2013

One of the joys of living on the Oregon Coast is spotting whales, especially during the state’s two official Whale Watch weeks in spring and fall.

More whales have been sighted along the coast in a few days this spring than during an entire week last year, says interpretive ranger Ian Fawley at the Depoe Bay Whale Watch Center.

“We’ve seen more than 1,400” since Whale Watch Week began Sat., he said. “Already, we’ve seen 500 more than last year.”

Spring Whale Watch week last year logged 1,082 whales.

A Sunny Day in Depoe Bay
Depoe Bay

Depoe Bay is a jewel on the Oregon Coast. The tiny town is packed onto a hillside next to the world's smallest working harbor. The main street is highway 101 past a densely packed couple of blocks of candy, ice cream, and tourist shops across from the seawall where waves can crash over the highway in heavy weather. But, on a calm and sunny day, you just can't drive right through town - you simply MUST stop and walk around, even if your destination is elsewhere.

Depoe Bay is also a great place to watch for migrating Grey Whales that often veer into the bay for shelter or a rest. And, although rarer, occasionally Orcas may also be seen.

Depoe Bay Oregon Sidewalk and Seawall


Orcas on the Oregon Coast
Depoe Bay


DEPOE BAY -- Park Ranger Linda Taylor has watched something outside her office window that few ever see on the Oregon Coast -- orcas.


She saw five of them, four adults circling a baby, to the north of her desk at the Depoe Bay Whale Watching Center.


“They were spyhopping,” she said, describing how the killer whales lifted their heads above the waves to watch the youngster. “I’ve never seen orcas do that. We watched them for one and a half hours.”


The sighting was so dramatic here that a few lucky visitors captured it on their cameras. Center volunteers filmed it on a video camera permanently stationed at the big bay windows overlooking the Pacific.


Visitors to the Whale Watching Center on Hwy. 101 catch relive Taylor’s joy by watching the footage when there are no live shots of gray whales migrating along the Oregon Coast.


There are usually thousands migrating this time of year from their wintering grounds in Baja, Mexico, to the Bering Sea in Alaska -- about 6,000 miles.


About 200 to 300 of the gray whales stay along the Oregon-Washington coast.  About 30 favor Depoe Bay as a feeding ground and stay for the summer without heading heading north, Taylor said.

Oregon Coast Whale Watching
Depoe Bay



DEPOE BAY -- Carson Mooney is wide-eyed with excitement.


Fog has reduced visibility on the oceanfront, but the 10-year-old from Tri Cities, Washington, isn’t letting that stop him from searching for whales.


More whales.


He saw two big grays on a sunny Saturday during a whale watching tour with the appropriately named “Sunrise” charter.


“Cool,” Carson says, when asked about the one-hour tour.


“We were amazed at how big the swells were,” says his dad, Steve Horst. “It looked more calm when we set out.”


So Carson isn’t letting rainy weather deter him.


Native American Style Salmon Bake in Depoe Bay
Depoe Bay

Salmon Bake LogoSince 1955, in a picturesque setting on the Oregon Coast, on the south end of the "Worlds Smallest Harbor", Depoe Bay hosts an "Indian Style Salmon Bake". Enjoy a succulent salmon meal, great performances and live music.

Pirate Treasure on the Oregon Coast in Depoe Bay
Depoe Bay


This Years Hunt is all NEW!

So find your crew and Join the fun!

Whale Pointe Resort and Depoe Bay on the Central Oregon Coast
Depoe Bay

By Travels with Huggy

Cove Side of Whale Point Resort

We spent four nights at a WorldMark Trendwest (aka Whale Pointe Resort) condominium in Depoe Bay, Oregon on our Oregon Coast trip last month. This was a gift from one of Pat's daughters and her husband for our third wedding anniversary. Here are a few photos from the Depoe Bay area.

Movie making on the Oregon Coast: "The Burning Plain" transforms popular coastal restaurant
Depoe Bay

by Dave Masko for The Portland Examiner

DepotBayDEPOE BAY, Oregon – Jon Hamlin learned a few things about Hollywood movie making during the filming of "The Burning Plain" at his coastal restaurant Tidal Raves. First, he was delighted that its star, Charlize Theron, really liked his cheesecake. Second, he discovered how serious movie making can be. And, third, he's "sure glad" to have taken the plunge and turned his restaurant into a film set."

I knew it would be difficult, but I soon realized that making a movie takes the same long hours as operating a restaurant," said Hamlin during a recent interview at his Tidal Raves Restaurant.

... Depoe Bay and Tidal Raves have long been a favorite coastal getaway for visitors from nearby Eugene, Salem and Portland.

Depoe Bay, Oregon Wooden Boat Show, Crab Feed, and Ducky Derby
Depoe Bay


Enjoy local, succulent crab and watch master craftsmen build and show off their wooden boats. Take part in cheering your "ducky" to the finish line during Sunday’s Ducky Derby. Wooden Boat Show, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. April 17 and 18; Crab Feed, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. April 17 and 11 a.m. April 18 until crab is goneThe World's Smallest Harbor

Depoe Bay is said to be the “World’s Smallest Harbor.” Also called “The Hole in the Wall,” it is one of nature's most unusual and beautiful seaside places. The Pacific Ocean butts up against the steep landfall but there is a little hole in the rocks giving access to the tiny harbor.

Oregon Coast Whale Watching Spoken Here Program
Depoe Bay

Winter Whale Watch Week starts December 26th

People come from all over the United States to learn about the gray whales that migrate past our coast each year. The Whale Watching Spoken Here program places volunteers at great whale watching sites during Watch Weeks so they can teach others while watching the whales too. If you love whales, come and be a volunteer!

Great White Shark Caught off the Oregon Coast
Depoe Bay

Great WhiteSharks have existed in our waters since the age of the Dinosaurs. They live in every ocean on Earth, including the waters of the Oregon Coast. Sharks have remained virtually the same for 350 million years and is the largest and one of the most feared fish in the sea. Sharks are also essential to the equilibrium of the marine biotope.

Of the over 450 species of sharks, only 15 or so can be found in Oregon waters and yes, the Great White Shark is one of them. On Monday a 12-foot shark brought into Depoe Bay by some recreational fishermen has been confirmed as a great white.

The anglers told the State Police Fish and Wildlife Division officer at the dock that the shark had become entangled in their crab gear and was brought to the surface when they pulled in the pots. It is unclear if the great white was alive or dead when it reached the surface.

Under both federal and state laws, taking or possessing a great white shark is illegal. And the shark was confiscated by the officer and released to the Hatfield Marine Science Center at Oregon State University, where Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists identified it as being a great white.

There are always a few Great White’s off the Oregon Coast but they are usually not close to the beach. Our Oregon Coast ocean is usually a bit too cold for them in the summer months. (FYI Oregon Ocean temperatures are actually warmer in the winter) This year our Oregon Coast ocean temperatures are warmer than normal and it is not surprising that this would bring Great White Sharks a closer to shore.

Sir Francis Drake summered in Oregon, not California, in 1579
Depoe Bay

Oregon may have missed a piece of history that it justly deserves.

Francis Drake may have spent the summer of 1579 overhauling the Golden Hinde at Whale Cove near Depoe Bay, instead of in Drake's Estero north of San Francisco. This is the fabled New Albion claimed for the British by the captain.

At least that's the theory of Bob Ward of Newport, a history buff who has embraced the tale that surrounds the first commander to complete a circumnavigation of the globe.

Why is this important?

Well, it's a little too late to change history. But if Drake actually spent that time in what became Oregon, it would have given the British a much stronger claim to lands in western North America. It would also put him in Oregon 199 years before Captain James Cook is credited with being the first European to sail off the north Pacific coast from the south. Terry Richard - The Oregonian Article


For a listing of Oregon Coast events, festivals and happenings check out the Oregon Coast Calendar


Cruise to Depoe Bay and drive out hunger
Depoe Bay
Thursday, 09 July 2009 09:23

Depoe Bay's Cruise-In To Drive Out Hunger is this Saturday 10, 2009 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will benefit the Depoe Bay Food Pantry. All cars and motorcycles are invited to participate in this event.

Oregon Senate approves state's first marine reserves
Depoe Bay

Kudos to the fisherman at Otter Rock and Port Orford for getting in front of this issue. I know that they have been working hard to make sure this would be a win-win situation in their areas.

by The Oregonian: The Oregon Senate approved a bill this afternoon that authorizes the state's first two fishing-free marine reserves and requires study of four other areas.

It establishes two fishermen-endorsed pilot reserves -- Otter Rock off Depoe Bay and Redfish Rocks off Port Orford -- that would take up less than 1 percent of Oregon's territorial sea, a 3-mile-wide strip along the 360-mile coast.

To read the entire article click here

The Fourth of July in Depoe Bay
Depoe Bay

The 4th of July is just around the corner and Patt from Whale Pointe Resort in Depoe Bay sent us this note:

"A fun way to spend the 4th of July is to attend the Newport Symphony Orchestra's free concert at the Newport HS.  My husband and I have attended in the past.  The music has been incredible!  One of the times we attended Norman Leyden conducted the orchestra, and the music was a mix of Broadway hits and patriotic music.  If you are in the area, you definitely don't want to miss this event.  Make it your first stop on the way to the fireworks and celebrate the 4th of July in a really BIG way! -- Patt Dardis"