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Whale Pointe
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Depoe Bay
Whale Pointe Resort and Depoe Bay on the Central Oregon Coast
Depoe Bay

By Travels with Huggy

Cove Side of Whale Point Resort

We spent four nights at a WorldMark Trendwest (aka Whale Pointe Resort) condominium in Depoe Bay, Oregon on our Oregon Coast trip last month. This was a gift from one of Pat's daughters and her husband for our third wedding anniversary. Here are a few photos from the Depoe Bay area.

IndoorOutdoorPoolWhalePointResort... There is a nice lawn and a sport court on the water side of our building. The resort has three swimming pools- two outdoors and one inside, that are kept open and at 82 degrees all year There are also hot tubs, exercise rooms, and other activities. I was a bit surprised that in order to get an Internet connection I had to pay $16 for a ten day connection to their system. We were there only four days but the daily rate for four was more than the ten day rate.

DepoeBay2This view shows a closer look at the small bay in front of our building. The big rock area on the right side was a real hangout place for seagulls and there are a lot of signs around asking that we not feed them as they are pretty messy. During our first couple of days there the weather over the Pacific Ocean was kind of stormy, although there were also sun breaks. In talking with our kids at home at that time, it sounded like our weather down there was better than it was at home during the same period. This is about 300 miles south of our northern Washington State home. There are some great sandy beaches along this coastline but not here- this one is pretty rocky.

WorldMark2Just on the north side of our condo complex was a place known as Boiler Bay. There is a nice pullout along the road there and that is where I took this photo from. Notice the shade from a cloud in the foreground with bright sunlight beyond that shaded area. That surf is from the swells coming in off the ocean.

Of course you know that I am going to find a place to go for a mocha wherever I travel and there were more than one to choose from at Depoe Bay. This was taken inside Pirate Coffee which was the closest one to our condo and we liked their product. In talking with the Barista, I learned that Pirate Coffee is a major supplier to the US Military and likely provided the coffee that my son drank when in Afghanistan last year while he was there with the Navy. I haven't checked but do believe that they also have a pretty active mail order business.

Depoe Bay Channel

Depoe Bay is listed as the smallest harbor on the Pacific Coast. Here is the entrance to the channel from the open water of the Pacific Ocean. By the time this photo was taken the weather was pretty calm but I think it would be a real challenge to leave or enter this small opening during a storm. We took this photo just after eating dinner at Mazatlan Restaurant on May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, which is right beside this channel. These photos are taken from the lawn outside the restaurant, looking down onto the water.

WorldMarkBridgeThe bridge is going over the entrance channel to the harbor at Depoe Bay and it carries US-101, the beautiful coastal highway that actually runs from the north end of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, all the way through Oregon and California to the Mexican border at the southern end of California. The channel entrance is behind the camera to the left of this view. You can see some of the downtown buildings that cover the east side of the highway through town in the background beyond the bridge.

Before we left home some friends who also live in our park told us of a good restaurant to try and they said it has a fantastic view of the shoreline. The name of the place is Tidal Raves. It was just south of our condo, not far from Pirate Coffee, and we went there for lunch one day. Jerry was right, the view from there is fantastic-

View from our Table

This photo was taken through the glass of the window beside our table. Luckily, they keep that glass pretty clean and that is no easy chore with all the salt that had been blowing ashore during the storms early in the week. The point seen in the background is the one with a few houses on it at the left side of the water views from our condo.


Depoe Bay is a small town, less than 2000 population, but it does have a "downtown" or commercial area. The main tourist part is along the east side of US-101 for about 4 blocks north of the bridge over the harbor channel. There are other businesses all along that highway for a distance of a couple of miles in both directions from this main area and I guess those would be considered to be in Depoe Bay.

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