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Oregon coast... most beautiful part of around the world bike ride
Astrid Domingo Molyneux, a visitor from Bristol, UK, stops by the Siuslaw News office Oct. 1. Molyneux is traveling around the world by bicycle.

In the midst of a bicycle trip around the world, Astrid Domingo Molyneux of England made a brief stop in Florence Oct. 1 before continuing her ride south along Highway 101.

It is a journey that has taken her from the cozy confines of her Bristol, England, home, to such exotic locales as the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Asia, and she has seen it all from the seat of her bicycle.

More than two-thirds through her journey and through 24 countries, Molyneux said the Oregon coast might be the most beautiful part of her trek yet.

“Brilliant!” she said. “The Oregon coast is stunning.”

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