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Wild Mushrooms

Fall rains bring out cream of mushroom crop on the Oregon Coast

by Terry Richard for The Oregonian

OregonianMushroomsIn search of a secret stash of boletes, edible mushrooms that grow beneath conifers in Oregon's coastal dunes, Nick Iadanza  of Tigard fought his way deeper into the brush of Nehalem Bay State Park...

...Though the park had been picked over, attendees of the foray had met their personal quotas and most had been easy pickings alongside the road or trail.

Mushrooms are popping on the Oregon Coast

By The Captain & Crew of the FV Harvester for The Ocean Harvest

There is nothing better than taking a day out to find what tasty morsels lurk in the duff under the forest canopy up and down the Oregon Coast

king bolete, 'flowering' chanterelle & cauliflower

Phyllo-wrapped Salmon with roasted mushroom casserole and red wine sauce

By Chef Eric Ripert for msnbc

Phyllo Wrapped SalmonWorking with phyllo dough is not as hard as it seems, especially if you know the right technique, timing and temperature and have the right knife for slicing.

Here Eric Ripert, chef-owner of Le Bernardin, offers a recipe for phyllo-wrapped salmon with roasted mushroom casserole and red wine sauce.