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Our Very Favorite Recipe for Oregon Coast Salmon
Fishing Reports


This flavorful fish is fun to catch and is a nutritional powerhouse. We hope you enjoy this easy and tasty recipe as much as we do.

Grilled fillet of Chinook Salmon, with flowering dill and cucumber salad

By Chef John Besh for msnbc

Grilled SalmonYour grill can be used for more than just burgers and hot dogs.Chef John Besh says fish is a great option for a summer dinner.

Here, he offers a fresh and flavorful recipe for grilled salmon with flowering dill and a cucumber salad.


Phyllo-wrapped Salmon with roasted mushroom casserole and red wine sauce

By Chef Eric Ripert for msnbc

Phyllo Wrapped SalmonWorking with phyllo dough is not as hard as it seems, especially if you know the right technique, timing and temperature and have the right knife for slicing.

Here Eric Ripert, chef-owner of Le Bernardin, offers a recipe for phyllo-wrapped salmon with roasted mushroom casserole and red wine sauce.

Albacore Tuna Bounty off the Oregon Coast
Fishing Reports

by Kurt Ploetz

TunaOnTheLineOutdoor Chef Kurt is still amazed at the fighting power of these tuna in the blue water off of the Oregon coast. The albacore tuna fishery in Oregon has grown dramatically over the last 5 years, into a great new sporting adventure. There are a series of derbies from south to north in the summers, which attract boats from as far as southern California and all over the west coast.

Charters out of most of the major ports are available for this fine eating fish. With a limit of 25, if you get into them, you can fill the freezer in a short period of time.

Oregon Coast pink shrimp named as a "best choice" for sustainability-minded consumers

Shrimp season starts in Oregon

by Sustainable Business Oregon
Monterey Aquarium PhotoBoats fishing for Oregon pink shrimp, the first shrimp to be certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council in 2007, left the harbor for the first time in 2010 this week.

The season officially started on April 1 but bad weather delayed actual shrimping.

While the contentious Chinook salmon season — the commercial season will open in May for the first time in two years — receives much of the attention in Oregon, shrimp has floated along largely under the radar.

Lakeside Crawdad Festival

LakesideCrawdadFestivalLogoIn January of 2009, a small group of Lakeside residents came together at the 8th Street Grill to dream of a festival that would draw people to the small town of Lakeside. A festival that would showcase the amazing natural beauty of the old fashioned downtown nestled on the shore of the magnificent, historic Ten Mile Lake. Out of that meeting came the First Annual Lakeside Crawdad Festival.

Oregon Coast Dungeness Crab Recipes and more

for ChicoER.com

http://www.theoceanharvest.com/sites/default/files/images/crabbing%202009%20001.400x.JPGCrab season in Northern California begins in mid-November and, technically runs to June, but, 80 percent of the local Dungeness Crab is brought in by the end of December. Now is the time to enjoy fresh local crab before the winter is over.

Dungeness crabs are found along the entire Pacific Coast from central California to Alaska, and most Dungeness crabs, about 65 million pounds, are caught from December through February in California, Oregon and Washington.

Metacarcinus magister, the Dungeness crab is named after the town of Dungeness, on Washington's Olympic peninsula about 15 miles east of Port Angeles. It was originally known as Cancer magister or "master crab."

The Dungeness was named the Oregon State Crustacean in 2009

Oregon Coast Dungeness Crab Recipes

Harvester For a great list of Dungeness Crab recipes visit The Ocean Harvester Website

They offer the very finest in hand picked fresh canned Dungeness Crab straight from the boat.

They’ve got six packs and three packs of canned Dungeness crab for you and your family pulled from the bottom of the Pacific ocean right off the Oregon Coast and canned fresh that same day. We hope you enjoy it!!!