Oregon Coast Events Calendar


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For Oregon Coast Tidepools - Map and Comprehensive Guide Click Here

Oregon Coast Tidepools - Map and Comprehensive Guide

Harris Beach State Park in BrookingsRocky intertidal areas, or tidepools, are unique marine environments that offer a glimpse into the marine realm.  These areas are biologically rich and have evolved to take advantage of, as well as withstand, the environmental rigors of the edge of the sea. Submerged rocky reefs are also scattered along the coast. These areas are critical habitat for a wide variety of marine species, from encrusting corals and sponges to invertebrates, fish, and marine mammals and seabirds. In waters less than 80 feet deep, Bull kelp [Nereocystis luetkeana], a large marine algae, is associated with these rocky reef structures. The presence of kelp adds a third dimension to the reef and creates additional habitat.

Tidepool Discovery Days at Cape Perpetua on the Oregon Coast

TidepoolsTake advantage of some of this summer's lowest tides to explore the fascinating intertidal zones of the Oregon at the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area and Heceta Head State Scenic View Point.

Tidepools are an incredibly unique and dynamic environment. During Tidepool Discovery Days, naturalists will be on hand to help visitors explore and answer questions about this exciting environment.

Naturalists will be stationed at the tidepools to share the wonders of the tidepools and the life forms that inhabit them.