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- Gateway to America's Wild Rivers Coast - Historic South Coast Town

Langlois2 How do you pronounce Langlois? If you have lived there long enough you know to pronounce Langlois... "Langless". This pronunciation is verified in early census records, where census enumerators spelled the name phonetically as they heard it

The Langlois Family was from the Channel Islands so although they had a french name, it was anglicized due to the influences of the British and French mixing in the middle of the channel.  So as far as Langlois residents know, Langlois is pronounced just like the family said it back in the day ---  Langless.

Langlois is a quaint town with historic buildings, a market that sells world famous hot dogs, antique and art shopping, and a great little restaurant

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Floras Lake Beach: Secret on the Oregon coast

by Terry Richard for The Oregonian

Floras ArchFloras Lake is a sizable dunes lake, popular for windsurfing because of predictable afternoon "breezes" _ which may feel like a hurricane on some days.

This lovely lake is blocked from the ocean by a narrow neck of sand, making the area one of Oregon's geologic oddities due to the New River that flows north from Floras Lake (the river was created after pioneer settlement).

While this part of northern Curry County is indeed pleasant to visit (weather permitting), the feature that makes it outstanding is the ocean beach south of Floras Lake, with its 80- to 100-foot-high line of cliffs.

There's no other beach quite like it on the Oregon coast.

Oregon Coast Albacore Tuna Takes Center Stage on Christmas Day

By Our Oregon Coast

We took 5 cans of Albacore from the Ocean Harvest to our traditional Christmas Dinner at Mom’s house in Salem.

We decided to leave them in the tins so everyone could see what flavor they were trying and we put out some crackers next to them.

So there on the table with the traditional turkey and all the fixin’s sat 5 tins of tuna.

They were the hit of the dinner!

The Ocean Harvest


Exciting Oregon Coast Dungeness Crab Season - Great Pics and Videos

Early Dungeness Crab Season 09/10 Roundup

by Capt Tyler & Harvester Crew

Oregon Coast Dungeness Crab Recipes

Harvester For a great list of Dungeness Crab recipes visit The Ocean Harvester Website

They offer the very finest in hand picked fresh canned Dungeness Crab straight from the boat.

They’ve got six packs and three packs of canned Dungeness crab for you and your family pulled from the bottom of the Pacific ocean right off the Oregon Coast and canned fresh that same day. We hope you enjoy it!!!

Mushrooms are popping on the Oregon Coast

By The Captain & Crew of the FV Harvester for The Ocean Harvest

There is nothing better than taking a day out to find what tasty morsels lurk in the duff under the forest canopy up and down the Oregon Coast

king bolete, 'flowering' chanterelle & cauliflower