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Nye Beach Murder Mystery Weekend

nyeBeachArch.TOn March 13, there will be a murder in the Nye Beach neighborhood of Newport ­ and local businesses will be happy.

Locals will stage a murder and you can try to figure out "who dunnit." Each year, around 100 people gather in the historic district of this coastal town, collecting clues from various businesses and asking questions of actors/suspects dressed in period garb.

This year¹s mystery is "Barnie in the Rubble" which is taking place in 1985. It centers around the murder of a Portland lawyer named Barnie, who was found in rubble at the bottom of a cliff.

Saturday, March 13

  • murder10am and noon -Pick up your  packet ($5) containing directions, at Nye Cottage, 208 NW Coast Street, Nye Beach, Newport.
  • noon to 5pm -Collect your clues and interrogate suspects at participating clue locations.
  • Figure out who, when, why and how by 6 p.m. Saturday  and turn in your solutions at Nye Cottage.

Sunday, March 14 is the big reveal, where the suspect is named ­ and the prizes given to the winning investigators. The time and place for the reveal will be announced on Saturday.

Barnie in the Rubble Suspects:
"Bulldog" Matson--the ex pro wrestler
Miss Prissy--Bulldog's manager
Ruby Throat--the break dancer
Frank Collin--the bird watcher
Birdie Whoterlick--the eccentric cat lady
Oliver Domdell--Rudy's young admirer

"Dubber"--Dan Chit

News article:

Barnie in the Rubble

Portland attorney Barnie Culgoos was found dead on Nye Beach Saturday, March 15th,  1985 at 1:45 pm.  Initial reports indicate that the death was caused by falling from approximately 200 feet.

"Well, the body was at the bottom of a 200 foot cliff so we are thinking that maybes what he falled off of," said investigator  "Dubber"  Dan Chit.  "Landed there in that big  ol' pile a' rubble."

Culgoos was last seen running , shotgun in hand, toward  Birdie Whoterlick's oceanfront property. Eyewitnesses report that the lawyer yelled "Bully! Bully!" over and over as he ran.

Eye witnesses report that they saw no bully, street tough or other ruffians chasing him. Ex-pro wrestling star "Bulldog" Matson was taken into custody by police after bystanders noted that he and his two Chihuahuas were  running  toward Culgoos as the lawyer  ran screaming to his death.

"Bulldog was nowhere near the Mr. Culgoos. He was blocks away, going for his morning jog."  said Miss Prissy, Matson's manager and spokesperson. "Do you think Barnie was running from the chihuahuas?  Please, that is so Hound of the Baskervilles."

Investigators obtained a search warrant  for the Whoterlick property and uncovered valuable clues that may help solve this strange mystery.  A large piece of cardboard, laid flat, and a pink "We are the World" Limited Edition Boom Box were found directly above the body of the deceased.  Was Barnie broken from breakin'?

Clue Locations:

Nye Beach Market
Grand Victorian
Visual Arts Center
Illingworth's by the Sea
Latitude 44
Sandbar & Grill Restaurant & Sports Bar
Toujours Boutiques
Nye Beach Book House
For Artsake
Elizabeth Street Inn
Coastal Breeze
Linda and Michael¹s Photography & Gallery
Nye Cottage Beads
Nye Cottage Vacation Rentals
The Dapper Frog
The Wellness Massage Center
The Tea Party
Bella's Gifts for Pets
Savory Cafe
Village Bistro